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Annotation from SeattleSeq? AnnotationTool?

Annotate Files with Variants through Seattle Seq Annotation: . The java code that wraps the forms is provided from SeattleSeq? Annotation: . This method wraps the wrapper(..) and provides a python implementation. In order to run there should be a directory under the current path, named "jars" with the following jar files:

  • httpunit.jar
  • js-1.6R5.jar
  • junit-3.8.1.jar
  • nekohtml-0.9.5.jar
  • xercesImpl-2.6.1.jar

Pipeline Elements

This section will describe all parts of our annotation pipeline, the scripts have, and the features it will return.

1KGannotation.pyalleleFreqallele freq in 1KG1KG

End of Pipeline

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