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    1717All these resources will be made publically available both as __centralized, secured, web accessible national services__, i.e. central hubs assembled in partnership to support the rainbow projects, as well as __downloadable and customizable ‘tools-in a-box’__ meant for local installation by biobanks and their local projects (local hubs). This project will develop in parallel the scientific, professional and physical infrastructures needed to effectively communicate expertise, procedures and tools between all Dutch biobanks as well as the provision of bioinformatics experts building on the infrastructure organized in the Netherlands Bioinformatics Center (NBIC) !BioAssist program. This group will work in coordination with the BBMRI-NL ethical-legal working group to develop a code of practice and guidelines for large scale harmonized data pooling and for the use of data from multiple biobanks.
    19 = 5. Approach =
     18= Approach =
    2019This project will combine a hub-and-spoke research & development organization to harmonize data between biobanks together with the provision of experts who will provide innovative model-driven software methods to efficiently produce ready-to-use software infrastructures needed by biologists and researchers. This includes:
    2220== Agile hub-and-spoke organization ==
    2321At the core of BBMRI there is the vision to develop all resources in a hub and spokes manner such that we maximize use of local expertise and innovation and minimize duplicated efforts and barriers to integration via centralized harmonization and enrichment. The smallest hubs within the Dutch biobank landscape are the individual biobanks, the larger hubs the participating institutes, and the largest hubs are central deployment of key data and analysis resources (which again can connect to pan-European hubs).  This project will mirror this organization to bridge between biomedical researchers, bioinformaticians and hardcore software engineers to ensure the multi-disciplinary interplay needed: