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Protocol for Mendelian-error based QC

In this project, we will establish an infrastructure to perform QC of genotypic data generated by BGI using Mendelian errors check.


Status: under development

Contributors: Yurii, Lennart

Timeline: end Sep 2010 - end Dec 2010

Resources: PostDoc at 0.5 fte + BI/data manager/programmer at 0.25 fte (the same as the one on ChipBasedQcPipeline) + experienced supervisor at 0.1 fte (the same as the one on ChipBasedQcPipeline)

Depends on: availability of VCF data, ChipBasedQcPipeline (soft)

Other projects depending on this: ChipBasedQcPipeline (soft), DeNovoVariationPipeline, all projects which start with QC'ed data (e.g. all WP2 projects)

Aims and Deliverables


A principal idea of what questions should be addressed (without saying how) is summarized in MendelianQcPipelineIdea.


Automated workflow (will be) provided in MendelianQcPipelineWorkflow? page.