Protocol for Mendelian-error based QC

In this project, we will establish an infrastructure and perform QC of genotypic data generated by BGI using Mendelian errors check.


Status: under development

Contributors: Yurii, Lennart, Elisa

Timeline: end Sep 2010 - end Dec 2010

Resources: PostDoc at 0.5 fte + BI/data manager/programmer at 0.25 fte (the same as the one on ChipBasedQcPipeline) + experienced supervisor at 0.1 fte (the same as the one on ChipBasedQcPipeline)

Depends on: availability of VCF data, ChipBasedQcPipeline (soft)

Other projects depending on this: ChipBasedQcPipeline (soft), DeNovoVariationPipeline, all projects which start with QC'ed data (e.g. all WP2 projects)

Aims and Deliverables


The basic idea of what questions should be addressed (without saying how) is summarized in MendelianQcPipelineIdea.


Automated workflow (will be) provided in MendelianQcPipelineWorkflow? page.

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