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Access to BIOS data

There are two ways to access BIOS data:

1. Download of selected data through EGA

RNA-seq, DNA methylation, sex, age and cell count data that has been analyzed in publications can be requested and downloaded from The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA). The advantage is that data can be downloaded to own computational facilities, but not all data can be accessed (e.g. SNPs). Click here to download the document for BIOS data requests through EGA. The document includes the data sharing policies.

2. Analyze all data on a centralized computational facility

For BBMRI-NL researchers, all data shared by participating biobanks including genome-wide SNP data, limited phenotypes, RNA-seq and DNA methylation on all individuals can be analyzed on centralized computational facilities, namely the LifeScience Grid and the SurfSARA High Performance Computing cloud ( The advantage of this approach is that all available data can be analyzed (including those with a privacy aspect), but the data cannot be downloaded and a relatively strict security protocol has to be adopted. Please, fill out this form if you wish to request access to BIOS data at the SurfSARA servers. To complete this request, you will also need to sign the BIOS Code Of Conduct. Click here for an overview of current data requests.

Publications acknowledging BIOS

Latest update: September 2015