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    1 == BIOS ==
    2 The mission of the BIOS Consortium is to create a large-scale data infrastructure and to bring together BBMRI researchers focusing on integrative omics studies in Dutch Biobanks. [[BR]]
    3 The advent of the genome-wide association study (GWAS) led to the successful identification of thousands of variants that are robustly associated with complex disease phenotypes. Dutch biobanks played a substantial role in these discoveries. For most of these variants, however, the mechanisms through which they contribute to these phenotypes remain unknown. The BIOS Consortium applies a functional genomics approach that integrates genome-wide genetic data with data on the epigenome and transcriptome to elucidate these mechanisms. Over 4000 samples from BBMRI-NL biobanks with in-depth information on disease phenotypes and GWAS data have been enriched with RNA-sequencing (>15 M paired end reads) and genome-wide DNA methylation data (Illumina 450k arrays). The same is true for samples with whole-genome sequencing data from GoNL. This unique data infrastructure provides a powerful platform to evaluate key questions in integrative omics from establishing comprehensive eQTL and meQTL catalogues to linking molecular pathways across omics levels to phenotypic outcomes.
    51== Access to BIOS data ==
    62There are two ways to access BIOS data: